data visualization library

Attributes: Understanding the characteristics of an object.

Description: Attributes analysis takes note of a finite set of characteristics and provides a unit of measurement to describe each distinct attribute.


Area Blocks

Use of rectangle height and width to represent and compare two attributes. OECD Environmental Outlook

Area Graph

X-axis shows multiple tracks to compare which feared phenomena generated the most published stories. Information is Beautiful 

Box Plot

Method to show distribution of different data sets into quartiles. Plotly

Bullet Graph

Combines a single, primary measure and compares that measurement to one or more other measures. Wikipedia 

Candlestick Chart

Combination of a line and bar chart; line represents the highest and lowest points while the bar represents start and end points. Stock Charts

Connected Bubble Chart

Display of 4 variables against an x and y axis. Size, color, saturation and connected path of the bubbles all have meaning. Specific values are also presented to the viewer as additional detail. Tulp Interactive

2-D Table

Arranagement of data into rows and columns with the condition that the coordinates of each row and column produce a unique value. Science Direct

Likert Scale

Specifies a range of values or ratings that applies to a single collection of criteria. Wikipedia

Path Model

Analysis used to describe the direct dependencies amongst a set of variables. Wikipedia

Radar Chart

 Multiple sets of connected indicators on one chart.

Scatterplot Matrix

A collection of displays used to compare correlations between two variables.

Span Charts

Incorporates the range and average for each listed item in the chart. Stack Exchange


A method to show a spectrum of signals as they evolve and vary over another variable. Wikipedia

Spie Chart

A combination of two pie charts to compare partitions. Datavis

Stacked Bar Chart

A method to show comparisons across categories by using either horizontal or vertcal bars. In this case the bars indicate a percentage out of 100%. wwnorton


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of Attributes?