data visualization library

Calculations: Translating equations to be visually deciphered.

Definition: Visual calculations provide a way to translate equations into visual sentences.


Block Diagram

A mathematical algorithm organized with inputs that lead into a processing block which leads to a derived output. Mathworks

Box Plot

Method to show distribution of different data sets into quartiles. Plotly

Bubble Chart

Visual indication of which category, shown as a circle, by size has the largest impact on a topic. Information is Beautiful

Delaunay Triangulations

Computational geometry that maximizes the minimum angle of all the angles of the triangles in the triangulation. Mathworks

Markov Chains

Andrey Markov created this mathematical system to track states. Setosa Blog

Quiver Plot

Also known as a velocity plot, the quiver plot is a method to show vector fields as arrows. Mathworks

Slide Ruler

Calculator that derives an answer by physical manipulation. Circular and linear designs track various scales and show correlations.

Voronoi Diagram

A method to divide the points on a page into regions so that each region shown the closest point on the plane for a given set of points. Wikipedia


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of  Calculation?