data visualization library

Drill Down: Shifting from summary to detail information.

Description: Drill Down visualizations are useful to show meta data and detailed data. These visualizations offer a big picture view with access to the details. Providing context in conjunction to details of the data might help the user better understand the big picture.


Connected Bubble Chart 

Display of 4 variables against an x and y axis. Size, color, saturation and connected path of the bubbles all have meaning. Specific values are also presented to the viewer as additional detail. Tulp Interactive

Multi-level Pie Chart

Display grouped data, depicted by concentric circles as related to from center to outer most layer. Relationships between levels is readily available.

Layered Tree Map

Method to navigate through various levels of related data by using tree map views to represent quantity. Mundi 

Radial Tree

Extended pie chart displaying networks in a tree structure. Visual Complexity 


Research Networks

Network of publications where the node represents a research entity and the size represents the amount of publications. Additional details on selected item are shown adjacent. Max Plank

Table Lens

Represents a hierarchy of data from summary to detail on demand.

Tree Map

Organized data into sets of nested rectangles to indicate associations. Information is Beautiful

Sequence Sunburst

Grouped data shown in percentage of frequency along a navigational path.


Word Network

A connected set of related words or phrases based on a predefined association or context. Pop Chart Lab


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of Drill Downs?