data visualization library

Groups: Creating categories from a data set.

Description: Grouped and sub-grouped lists represent different types of data and uniquely identifies those types with labels.


Cone Tree

A method to show group structures of data. Spicynodes


A tree diagram frequently used to illustrate the arrangement of the clusters produced by hieracrchial clustering. Gaston Sanchez

3-D Histogram

A bar chart with an X, Y and Z axis that tracks the frequency of occurances within a defined interval. Mathworks

Radial Matrix

Coordinate system with two variables, organized along radial lines to display color coded data. Information is Beautiful


Sequence Sunburst

Grouped data shown in percentage of frequency along a navigational path.

Stem plot

How observations are distributed across groups, showing the exact values of individual observations. Gimenez

Wilkinson Dot Plot

Distribution of data points mapped to a single scale. Wikipedia


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of Groups?