data visualization library

Networks: Connecting the dots between discrete locations.

Description: Networks map nodes and connect paths between identified locations in the data. The discrete locations can be abstract and the paths/vectors themselves can also share meaningful data.


Brain Mapping

Maps the various paths in our brain's communication network. Used to track movement and connections between regions.

Hive Plots

Also referenced as a dendogram, frequently used to illustrate the arrangement of clusters by hierarchy. Its Been Real

Isometric Projection

A 3-D diagram that displays individual locations, the hierarchical structure and overall organization across each section. Mappa Mundi 

Paradigm Network

Relationship between paradigm nodes by proximity of the topical content. WBpaley


Schedule & Route Map

A transportation network of connected nodes that indicates both time and location. Visual Complexity

Subway Map

A transportation network of connected nodes used to indicate options to change path and direction. Visual Complexity

Thread Arcs

Visual indication of connected/related conversations. Each individual node represents a subject line. Visual Complexity


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of Networks?