data visualization library

Rank: Establishing relationships between two or more items to introduce greater than, less than or equal to.

Description: Ranking establishes order by introducing ordinal number sequence. Percentile rank indicates frequency of occurrences and the distribution of data across defined intervals.


Area Graph

X-axis shows multiple tracks to compare which feared phenomena generated the most published stories. Information is Beautiful 

Bilateral Histogram

Distribution of the population of two variables. The length of the bar represents the frequency observed per interval. Wikipedia

Circular Area Bar Chart

A circular object divided to show the percentage of an attribute across different points in time. BBC Blogs

Confidence Intervals

Provide a range of plausible values for an unknown parameter, the estimated range is calculated from a given set of sample data.


Dial Chart

A circular chart that shows an amount, typically in %, in relation to the whole.

Donut Chart

Similar to a pie chart, the arc length of section is proportional and when combined represents the total amount.

Dot Clusters

Each dot in the circular cluster represents a unit of measurement used to indicate which entity has the largest cluster. TD Architects

Fan Genealogy Chart

Organized and split by gender and inheritance, each identified person is connected by their corresponding maternal and paternal parents. Melick


Heat Map

The use of a two hues tracks the performance of an entity while the size of each entity shows the over all impact to the whole system. Bewitched

Isotype Table

Organized set of symbols in a table. Each symbol is used to represent a unique entity and unit of measurement. Interactive Isotype

Organizational Chart

Shows hierarchy and relative ranking of individuals by connecting individual entities to each other based on their position in the organization. Wikipedia

People Garden

A method to display online conversations an individual creates communicating time of post, number of responces, height shows the amount of time the individual has been on the board, and  here to edit text. MIT Media


Polar Area Diagram

Each angular slice is equal and indicate difference by length of  sector as it extends from the center of the circle. Wikimedia Commons

Pie Chart

A circular object divided into multiple polar segments. equal to 100 percent, while each segment stands for the magnitude of one particular variable. Wikipedia

Radial Bar Chart

A Bar chart plotted on a radial coordinate system. Datavizcatalogue


Are there additional examples of data visualizations that you believe fit the purpose of Rank?