data visualization library

Time: Tracking events as they unfold over time.

Description: Time based or time series visualizations show a sequence of data points mapped over a stated period of time. Time frequency and intervals are key aspects to presenting the data.


Circular Calendar

Circular arrangement of time as it tracks to observations with measured markers along the rings. Robs Link

Concentric Circles

Mapped against a timeline, the circle size indicate various numeric values. wwnorton

Gant Chart

Method to track a schedule of grouped activities with breakdown of the activities, dependencies among activities, and percentage complete. Wikipedia 

Lego Calendar

A method to track individual project activity on a daily basis. Lego Calendar 


Sankey Timeline

Multiple linear data points of sequential events. Wikipedia

Small Multiples

Series of small illustrations show variation via repetition. Excel Charts


Displays an increase or decrease of one variable over time with a defined start and end date/time. Compact time lines meant to be used in conjunction with text. Edward Tufte 

Spiral Chart

Spiral representation of time with an equal unit of time measurement per bar. Robs Link


Stream Graph

A method to see the change over time of various grouped datasets. Lee Byron

Temporal Spectrum

Calendar view with representative color tiles used as units to specific numeric values. Datavis

Time Line

Displays a list of events organized in chronological order. Stock Charts


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