data visualization library

Arc Diagram

Uses a one dimensional layout of nodes with circular arcs to represent links. Bewitched

Area Blocks

Use of rectangle height and width to represent and compare two attributes. OECD Environmental Outlook

Area Graph

X-axis shows multiple tracks to compare which feared phenomena generated the most published stories. Information is Beautiful 

Bilateral Histogram

Distribution of the population of two variables. The length of the bar represents the frequency observed per interval. Wikipedia


Block Diagram

A mathematical algorithm organized with inputs that lead into a processing block which leads to a derived output. Mathworks

Box Plot

Method to show distribution of different data sets into quartiles. Plotly

Brain Mapping

Maps the various paths in our brain's communication network. Used to track movement and connections between regions.

Bubble Chart

Visual indication of which category, shown as a circle, by size has the largest impact on a topic. Information is Beautiful

Bullet Graph

Combines a single, primary measure and compares that measure to one or more other measures. Wikipedia

Bump Chart

Population shifts from one location to another. New York Times

Candlestick Chart

Combination of a line and bar chart; line represents the highest and lowest points during while the bar represents start and end points. Stock Charts

Choropleth Map

Color/pattern represents predefined areas proportional to statistical data where the goal is to compare between enumeration units. Wikipedia


Circular Area Bar Chart

A circular object divided to show the percentage of an attribute across different points in time. BBC Blogs

Circular Calendar

Circular arrangement of time as it tracks to observations with measured markers along the rings. Robs Link

Concentric Circles

Mapped against a timeline, the circle size indicate various numeric values. wwnorton

Cone Tree

A method to show group structures of data. Spicynodes


Confidence Intervals

Provide a range of plausible values for an unknown parameter, the estimated range is calculated from a given set of sample data.

Connected Bubble Chart

Display of 4 variables against an x and y axis. Size, color, saturation and connected path of the bubbles all have meaning. Specific values are also presented to the viewer as additional detail. Tulp Interactive

Cord Diagram

A method to represent the level of connection between two items in a list. Wikipedia


Multivariate statistical matrices that uses two visual techniques to show sign and magnitude. Datavis


Decision Tree

Descriptive means for seeing possible consequences and calculating conditional probabilities. Wikipedia

Delaunay Triangulations

Computational geometry that maximizes the minimum angle of all the angles of the triangles in the triangulation. Mathworks


A tree diagram frequently used to illustrate the arrangement of the clusters produced by hieracrchial clustering. Gaston Sanchez

Dial Chart

A circular chart that shows an amount, typically in %, in relation to the whole.


Donut Chart

Similar to a pie chart, the arc length of section is proportional and when combined represents the total amount.

Dot Clusters

Each dot in the circular cluster represents a unit of measurement used to indicate which entity has the largest cluster. TD Architects

2-D Table

Arranagement of data into rows and columns with the condition that the coordinates of each row and column produce a unique value. Science Direct

Fan Genealogy Chart

Organized and split by gender and inheritance, each identified person is connected by their corresponding maternal and paternal parents. Melick


Flight Path

Tracking seasonal movements of species around the globe. Animated visualization shows the flight pattern as the weather changes across the northern and southern hemisphere.  Ethlife

Flow Network

Directed graph shows volume so that each edge has a capacity and each edge receives a flow. source

Gant Chart

Method to track a schedule of grouped activities with breakdown of the activities, dependencies among activities, and percentage complete. Wikipedia 

Haplotype Blocks

A haplotype is a group of genes, which is inherited together by an organism from a single parent.


Haplotype Isometric

A 3-D diagram of a group of genes, which is inherited together by an organism from a single parent. Ben Fry  

Heat Map

The use of a two hues tracks the performance of an entity while the size of each entity shows the over all impact to the whole system. Bewitched

Hexagonal Binning

Method to group data sets into discrete groups to show concentrations. Meccanismo

3-D Histogram

A bar chart with an X, Y and Z axis that tracks the frequency of occurances within a defined interval. Mathworks



Distribution of data that is grouped into discrete intervals/bins. D3

Hive Plots

Also referenced as a dendogram, frequently used to illustrate the arrangement of clusters by hierarchy. Its Been Real

Horizon Graph

A space effective times series chart that introduces contour color bands to indicate an increase or decrease in values. Perceptual Edge

Isotype Table

Organized set of symbols in a table. Each symbol is used to represent a unique entity and unit of measurement. Interactive Isotype

Isopleth Map

Each bounded area in this type of map represents a region with the same value from conceptual point data to reveal overall trends. Blogspot

Isometric Projection

A 3-D diagram that displays individual locations, the hierarchical structure and overall organization across each section. Mappa Mundi 

Layered Tree Map

Method to navigate through various levels of related data by using tree map views to represent quantity. Mundi 


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Lego Calendar

A method to track individual project activity on a daily basis. Lego Calendar 

Likert Scale

Specifies a range of values or ratings that applies to a single collection of criteria. Wikipedia

Mapping Trends

The use of arrows as vectors across various regions indicates a change in direction and change towards a different party. Infographics News

Markov Chains

Andrey Markov created this mathematical system to track states. Setosa Blog


Multi-level Pie

Display grouped data, depicted by concentric circles as related to from center to outer most layer. Relationships between levels is readily available. Data

Organizational Chart

Shows hierarchy and relative ranking of individuals by connecting individual entities to each other based on their position in the organization. Wikipedia

Paradigm Network

Relationship between paradigm nodes by proximity of the topical content. WBpaley

Parallel Coordinates

Connected list of items used to compare several set of observations. Wikipedia


Path Model

Analysis used to describe the direct dependencies amongst a set of variables. Wikipedia

People Garden

A method to display online conversations an individual creates communicating time of post, number of responces, height shows the amount of time the individual has been on the board, and  here to edit text. MIT Media

Polar Area Diagram

Each angular slice is equal and indicate difference by length of  sector as it extends from the center of the circle. Wikimedia Commons

Pie Chart

A circular object divided into multiple polar segments. equal to 100 percent, while each segment stands for the magnitude of one particular variable. Wikipedia


Predictive Map

Indicates a specific event to occur at a predefined and calculated time. Wikipedia

Probability Comparisons

Comparing 4 attributes organized by population growth. Senseable MIT

Quiver Plot

Also known as a velocity plot, the quiver plot is a method to show vector fields as arrows. Mathworks

Radar Chart

 Multiple sets of connected indicators on one chart.


Radial Bar Chart

A Bar chart plotted on a radial coordinate system. Datavizcatalogue

Radial Matrix

Coordinate system with two variables, organized along radial lines to display color coded data. Information is Beautiful

Radial Tree

Extended pie chart displaying networks in a tree structure. Visual Complexity 

Research Networks

Network of publications where the node represents a research entity and the size represents the amount of publications. Additional details on selected item are shown adjacent. Max Planck Research


Route & Schedule Map

A transportation network of connected nodes that indicates both time and location. Visual Complexity

Sankey (Alluvial)

Width of lines shows proportional flow of data from one point to the next. Scoop it

Sankey Timeline

Multiple linear data points of sequential events. Wikipedia


Relationships between two metric variables. Mobile Modern Culture


Scatterplot Matrix

A collection of displays used to compare correlations between two variables. JMP

Sequence Sunburst

Grouped data shown in percentage of frequency along a navigational path.

Slide Ruller

Calculator that derives an answer by physical manipulation. Circular and linear designs track various scales and show correlations. Eyrie Org

Small Multiples

Series of small illustrations show variation via repetition. Excel Charts


Span Charts

Incorporates the range and average for each listed item in the chart. Stats


Displays an increase or decrease of one variable over time with a defined start and end date/time. Compact time lines meant to be used in conjunction with text. Edward Tufte 


A method to show a spectrum of signals as they evolve and vary over another variable. Wikipedia

Spie Chart

A combination of two pie charts to compare partitions. Datavis


Spiral Chart

Spiral representation of time with an equal unit of time measurement per bar. Robs Link

Stacked Bar Chart

A method to show comparisons across categories by using either horizontal or vertcal bars. In this case the bars indicate a percentage out of 100%. wwnorton

Stem plot

How observations are distributed across groups, showing the exact values of individual observations. Gimenez

Stream Graph

A method to see the change over time of various grouped datasets. Lee Byron


Subway Map

A transportation network of connected nodes used to indicate options to change path and direction. Visual Complexity

Table Lens

Represents a hierarchy of data from summary to detail on demand. Sigchi Org

Temporal Spectrum

Calendar view with representative color tiles used as units to specific numeric values. Datavis

Ternary Plot

Display of data values associated with each section of the triangle. Wikipedia


Thread Arcs

Visual indication of connected/related conversations. Each individual node represents a subject line. Visual Complexity

Time Line

Displays a list of events organized in chronological order. Stock Charts

Tree Map

Organized data into sets of nested rectangles to indicate associations. Information is Beautiful

Venn Diagram

Shows all possible relationships amongst a group of categories. Wikipedia


Voronoi Diagram

A method to divide the points on a page into regions so that each region shown the closest point on the plane for a given set of points. Wikipedia

Wilkinson Dot Plot

Distribution of data points mapped to a single scale. Wikipedia

Wind Map

Directional flow and force mapped to geographical regions.

Word Network

A connected set of related words or phrases based on a predefined association or context. Data Interfaces


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